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Bricks & Blocks Throughout Ealing

As building merchants we stock a variety of bricks and blocks in large quantities so that we can always cater to our clients needs, keep our prices competitive. We also have a wide range of other building supplies, including timber, plasterboard and general roofing materials.

Engineering bricks in Houslow

Engineering blocks are perfect when strength and performance are more important than appearance. They tend to be used for retaining walls, manholes and to protect against water or frost. We have a stock of competitively priced engineering bricks available.

Wire cuts

Due to the nature of their manufacture, wire cut bricks are one of our more inexpensive types of brick because we pass on the savings straight to you. Our wire cut bricks are available in a wide array of both colours and textures, making them suitable for nearly all sort of application.


We keep a variety of colours of the traditional stock brick in our yards at all times. Stock bricks tend to be our best seller, as they are mid range in price and a quality product that suit most uses.

Aircrete Blocks

We stock a range of aircrete blocks, including the 100mm and 215mm Aircrete blocks. Aircrete is one of the lightest forms of concrete, and is capable of being used for many functions, including to build load bearing walls, basement walls, and walls that are below ground level.

To view our range of both bricks and blocks, use the product navigation on the right to select a category. Alternatively, if you would like more information or a quote, you can give us a call on any one of the numbers at the top of this page or use our online contact form. We deliver throughout Ealing, Hounslow and the surrounding areas.